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The number of K-12 schools in developing countries is increasing by leaps and bounds.  While a number of provinces, most notably Ontario, actually have divisions within their Departments of Education that actively seek out and market the establishment of international schools based on their curricula, Nova Scotia, to date, has been more ad hoc.  That being said, Nova Scotia has a long-standing (10 year) international school in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and more recently, two schools established in China, and recently two schools in Cairo, Egypt for the establishment of K-12 schools based on the Nova Scotia curriculum.  The identification of those interested in K-12 schools (in any country) can be done on a school-by-school basis, through group marketing, or through developing and/or responding to needs (even tenders) where entire regions or countries adopt the Nova Scotia curriculum.

EduME Canadian Educational Consultants Inc. (EDUME) will provide for the supply side of the equation.  In the K-12 market, EDUME provides the following:

  • Develop relationships and contracts with Departments of Education (starting with Nova Scotia – or we could deal exclusively with Nova Scotia).
  • Provide for continual liaison with the NSDE.
  • Develop and provide services on behalf of the NSDE – school identification, school inspection, school approval, on-going quality assurance, etc.
  • Recruit and contract teachers and administrators.
  • Provide for initial (pre-service) teacher certification and training (could be done through our second division of EDUME – Universities and Colleges).
  • Provide for on-going (in-service) teacher training.
  • Provide learning resources (textbooks, library resources, technology, etc.)
  • Set up exchange programs for both teachers and students amongst international schools and NS
  • Establish a web site linking all international schools together and providing general information.
  • Develop and host conferences for teachers and administrators involved in international schools.
  • Develop and administer a stringent quality assurance process.